In 2012, my partner and I decided that we were going to sell everything and travel the world.

The short story is that we did just that – we managed to sell an “unsellable” business and travel freely around the globe for 12 months.

We managed to do all this using a simple manifesting process.

Over the year that we travelled, I broke this process down into ten steps and then branded the whole thing “The Portl”. The idea being that you have to step through a “portal” of sorts FIRST in order to see and imagine what you truly want.

I created an entire website, complete with some crazy videos filmed around the globe and started to share this process with those who kept asking “how on earth are you managing to travel for an entire year without working?!”.

Fast forward nearly two years later and we have landed in Byron Bay, Australia – with the aim to create the next big thing in our lives. I’ve since removed the original Portl website and now I present this simple page to you as a record of an experiment I’m about to conduct.

The whole POINT of The Portl is to help you create anything you desire. It’s a foolproof ten-step process to getting anything you want – so I figure the best way to show how powerful the process is, is to document the creation of one hell of a crazy idea.

You see, at the heart of everything – from the bottom of my soul if you like, I’ve always wanted to be one thing:


Yes, you read that correctly. A BOYBAND CONSULTANT. I won’t go in to the endless stream of passionate dialogue about how boybands form the basis of human happiness in girls all around the world, but I will openly declare that out of everything in the entire world, this is what I want to be.

So my friends, I am going to show you exactly how it’s done.

I feel like I’ve got to walk my talk a little bit with this Portl stuff before I can share it more openly with the world, and I figure if I can use this process to create in my life a highly unlikely outcome, then I’m pretty sure you can use it to create anything!

The thing that differentiates The Portl from most manifesting programs is the idea of CONSTANT ACTION. Being micro-focussed on small goals will bring you closer to the big kahuna.

So! I am going to use this website as a daily account of everything I have done to create this dream of mine. You can watch this process in action and hopefully see how easy it is to apply to your own life. Enjoy watching the journey РI look forward to sharing it with you.

Dara Donnelly
1st October 2014

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