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  • Why you DON’T take action

    We’re going to get serious for a second.

    You already know you SHOULD just get off your backside and spring to action.
    You don’t need me to tell you that.

    But you don’t, do you?

    You know all the things that you SHOULD do in order to bring your dreams and ideas closer to reality, but for some mysterious reason you don’t.

    So here it is, I’m going to tell you exactly why you DON’T take action.

    It’s got to do with this wall:

    The reason why you will NEVER take action, OR you find yourself NEVER getting to where you want to go, is that deep …

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    The Secret vs. The Portl

    When I went to explain The Portl to someone the other day, I found myself saying “it’s like The Secret, but far more colourful…perhaps with backup dancers”.

    …which opened up a WHOLE can of worms, trying to explain where The Portl and The Secret cross over and where they both diverge in chasms of drasticness.

    For those who were asleep during 2006, The Secret movie launched itself into the mainstream with incredible force and vigour, claiming that we truly could have whatever we wanted and that the “secret” to this had been kept hidden for thousands of years – resulting in a …

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    Why I caught the bus to a job I didn’t have yet

    This is the story of how I simulated my way into getting the job I wanted.

    A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to work in a funky, cool, design studio in Surry Hills (Sydney) that was housed in a converted warehouse, had awesome light fittings, creative, friendly people, cool artwork on the walls and a ping pong table.

    I was very clear.

    Actually, the idea for this place had come to me a few years earlier when I went along to a very random typography exhibition (Go Font Ur Self), in a cool design studio in Surry Hills, and …

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    A video about not making a video

    Today, things got ugly.

    I have been in Paris for the last two weeks – and had one thing to do: Film at least one video for The Portl.

    Entirely overwhelmed by the idea of this (and having a doctorate in procrastination), I waited until the night before our departure to scramble and write a script for Step 4 – Just Activate – as it was the first thing on my action list to do.

    By 3am I had put together a (rather rubbish) script involving ice-cream and the Eiffel Tower, and after getting very little sleep, I woke up the next morning …

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    The Benchpress Moment of Glory

    I used to bench press.


    In fact I was somewhat of a protein-shake-guzzling-weight-lifting-junkie-looking-like-a-fridge gym goer – and I trained with boys – so the gym was really all about one thing:

    The Bench.

    For anyone who has bench-pressed or lifted any weights at all, you’ll know that the only thing standing between you and the conquering of the additional 20kg plate – is your mind.

    Sure, the tiny muscle fibres have to break down and build themselves back up so they can lift stronger things (there’s a whole other blog post in that metaphor), but the “mini me” in your head has …

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